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2021 Apple Commercials 🎬 What’s New?

Just like always, this year’s first Apple Event does not dissappoint!

We’ve seen some incredible new products. And as I sometimes like to say – when the commercials are better than the actual products, you realize how much you love your job as a videographer.

Here’s what’s new:

The Purple iPhone

Inspired by the colors of spring (and candy) this new iPhone comes with a classical “Apple” commercial. From the music, lyrics, and rhythm, to the great visuals, it totally represents the new color.

Apple AirTag

Maybe a little inspired from Stranger Things, the Apple AirTag commercial brings an “upside-down” feeling.

It’s incredible how you can make such a great ad for something yet so simple.

Apple Colorful iMac

Playing with colors is a thing in Apple commercials since a long time. And this time is no exception. Simple and yet satisfying.Β 

Better in color!

And then comes the home-office/school commercial:

iPad Pro

Watch this Jack Bauer style commercial. Not sure what they really wanted to do there, it’s more like a Tim Cook hero moment rather than a commercial. πŸ˜…

And if you want to see how Apple Pencil gets on fire πŸ”₯, watch this official iPad Pro commercial:

The Winner?

Eventhough I expected a bit more from the long wait, I think we have a winner…Β And it is… πŸ₯ *drumroll*Β Apple AirTag!

More from Apple

Last month Apple released another grear commercial, which is not to be missed. Watch the Apple AirPods Pro commercial here:

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