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Apple Introduces Cinematic Video with iPhone 13

I am a big fan of mobile photography and videography.Β In fact, a while back I used my old iPhone XS to film a coffee commercial, and the result was absolutely stunning. πŸ‘Œ

We’ve seen that trend with smartphone manufacturers to include more and more features for videography and photography, that enable all of us to become more professional with our pocket cameras. And today is no exception – with the latest iPhone 13, Apple released a whole new set of software features called “cinematic video”.

What is Cinematic Video?

For now, what Apple introduced as the cinematic mode is the following:

  • Easy and automatic focus change
    Cinematic mode anticipates when a new subject enters the scene and automatically shifts focus.
  • Depth of field adjustment
    The new cinematic mode allows you to change the depth of field before, but also after filming. No other camera allows you to do that in video mode.
  • Cinematic mode shoots in Dolby Vision HDR

Cinematic video will be available in all new iPhone models, including the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, as well as Pro.

What's next?

In my opinion, Apple will introduce a lot more cinematic features in this new mode, as they are just setting the scene for now.

Now, take the time to watch and appreciate these two new iPhone commercials, as they are absolutely 🀯 mind-blowing.

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