The Video Camp

Watch on YouTube ▶️

Great videos on how to setup your lighting.

Shoot commercials from your home office.

Turn your videos into business.

Learn to film commercials at home.

Video editing tools 🎬

Easily edit videos straight from your mobile device. Paid. $9.99/mo.

Great for editing photos, but also videos. Perfect for color grading on mobile. Paid. $19.99/y

Perfect way to capture short vertical videos from your smartphone. Editing happens on the go. Available for iOS.

Protake brings the filmmaking experience of professional cinema cameras to your mobile devices.

The future of giving video feedback to your colleagues. Record video messages along with screen for better collaboration.

Create animated promo videos from available templates. Free up to 5 videos/m with watermark.

Free Stuff 🙌

Free stock footage and images

Free assets for your next video project

Free photos, videos and music